Lu Fuki & Divine Providence

Afro-Spirit Jazz

Divine Providence is a collective of jazz musicians formed by guitarist/bandleader, Lu Fuki, who felt the need to connect hearts through sound, for a challenging and uncertain time, in order to promote solidarity, freedom, and social action.


In 2015, Divine Providence started as a collective of friends who played instruments and jammed for the love of music. Lu Fuki and his wife Tazeen played as a duo and Lu Fuki previously played with members (Aaron, Jonathan, Joe) when he lived in Flint.

“When we finally all started jamming together, things clicked instantly. Everyone brings something unique to the group so as a collective we meshed well and everyone had the same emotional and spiritual attachment to music and the process of creating it,” said Lu Fuki.

As a jazz collective, that combines elements of classical, rock, and world music, each member has their unique experiences and interpretations that bring emotion and spontaneity for each performance.

With members hailing from Detroit and Flint, MI from various cities; culminating life experiences and environments; Divine Providence’s sound has a unique richness and texture.

Divine Providence depends on the uniqueness of each artist. Divine Providence has also co-mingled their sound with Detroit artists such as jazz saxophonist Mike Monford, Mahogany Jones, and Big O and played at venues such as the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts), CRIM (Flint), Mosaic's Unity Conference (Dearborn), Trumpesphere Conference (University of Michigan), Taking it to the Streets (Chicago), The Arab American National Museum, The Belt, The Bottomline Cafe, Dessert Oasis and other various locations throughout Detroit.

“The goal of the group is to connect the hearts through sound and to promote solidarity, freedom, and social action by the use of sound. We want listeners to go through this spiritual and emotional journey with us as they listen and as we share,” said Lu Fuki.


Photographer: Rabia Mirza

Location: Eastern Market