Lu Fuki & Divine Providence

Afro-Spirit Jazz

Divine Providence is a collective of jazz musicians formed by guitarist/bandleader, Lu Fuki, who felt the need to connect hearts through sound, for a challenging and uncertain time, in order to promote solidarity, freedom, and social action.

We were interviewed by Zach Russell about the artistic process Lu Fuki's music. more can be found here


“Sometimes when you put your intentions out there, sometimes things happen according to your intentions.”

We had the pleasure of backing Tazeen's band, Zawiya 31 Recorded: 4/30/2017 @ Third Wave Music in Detroit, MI . We crowded into Third Wave, amid the vintage amps and theremin. It was a good day.  Tazeen  wasnt able to move about 6 inches in any direction, but she hit every note and every cue, and we got through the song in one take.

At the Bottom Line Coffee House in Detroit. Playing my rendition of Carlos Santana's El-Farol, The Lantern. I dedicated this to Shaykh Abar who recently passed on to meet his ancestors and the people he loved. He was a great father, husband, and an uncle to many.

The Jazz Cafe in Detroit. It was an unforgettable night of good vibes that refreshed the souls and hearts. Truly an unforgettable night.

Lu Fuki withDivine Providence is a collective of musicians who felt the need to connect hearts by the way of sound for a challenging and uncertain time.